Why is ColoCare collecting stool samples?
Bacteria in our gut play an important role in maintaining health and can be studied by analyzing the bacteria in stool samples. In healthy humans, the number of different kinds of bacteria that reside in the gut is enormous, making the gut environment one of the most diverse on the planet! Most of these bacteria are harmless and have evolved over time to help humans better digest foods, especially fruit, grains, and vegetables. The bacteria work by turning what we eat into valuable compounds that can be used for energy and to promote a healthy environment in the colon. Bacteria also produce vitamins such a Vitamin K, folate, and biotin.

Why do I have to put the sample in my freezer?
We feel that people are more comfortable doing the stool sample collection in their own home.  However, this means we are not able to get the sample to our lab immediately after collection, so the sample must be frozen.  Freezing the sample helps preserve it for any future analysis.  Leaving the sample out at room temperature could alter the content of the sample and make analysis less accurate.

We have provided a black bag so that the sample can be kept out of view from others.  We understand that this collection can be unpleasant and embarrassing, but what we can learn from these samples has the potential to improve our understanding and treatment of colorectal cancer.  

Please consider completing the stool sample collection for this study.  We sincerely appreciate it!